shopping Grocery store finds

Found these two in the "habanero" bin at the grocery. The red one kinda sorta looks like a jolokia of some variety. The yellow one is...yellow.
I am amazed at what I find labeled habs.  Seems they usually call anything that they don't recognize a hab.  I have bought fatalii as habs, Congos, Caribbean Reds, Scotch Bonnets, and a couple days ago I swear I bought a pepper that looks a lot like a Jay's Peach Scorpion or whatever that one is called.  I doubt it is, but it sure looked like it.
The yellowish one was medium habanero level heat with a nice fruity/flowery flavor. Good stuff. The red one was a total dud, almost no heat at all. I was all geared up for superhot levels of pain and the stupid thing is a sweet pepper.