shopping Grocery Store Mystery

Hello again again!

Waaaaay back when, In 2014, I purchased a high priced lil container of hot peppers at the grocery store. This was to be my first SuperHot experience. Not knowing ANYTHING about supers, I noted the different colors...1-2 of each...and chose a container. Red, yellow, an orange--What today I would describe as a Butch T--...oh another red. Is that it? Wait a minute..there still something in here. Hmmm, look at THAT color. That's different (to me). What should I call this? Well the color is really close to Burgundy. I'll label the seeds just that...BURGUNDY. I saved seeds from a store bought superhot because it was brown. Either this is a new pepper color to me or this pod is a lil rotten. I grew them out in 2015 and here's what came up.


I haven't grown it since then and decided really late to crack a seed. It's in a little pot and it has 3 or so pods on it. The first pod is gorgeous! Firm, deep color, and then the smell....OMG. It's too bad it's hot, I just wanna eat it.


Zero Scorpion aroma. Zero 7 Pot aroma. Douglah! But no. Without being plasticy or acidic or deep down earthy, I'd bet this is an unknown cross or variety all its own. The smell is almost Bubblegum. Like the chewable kind...not the pod. Lol.

This is the best pod I've ever found in any "marketplace". And I'm overwintering this one.