shopping Grocery store pepper labelling

Do any of you guys have problems with grocery stores mislabeling peppers?

I just recently learned that what I thought was a serrano pepper (due to buying it in the 'serrano pepper' spot) was an anaheim pepper. And another store, the things they label as serranos are tiny little cayenne looking things. And they had what appeared to be Santa Fe peppers labelled as hot banana peppers, but I'm not familiar enough with them to be sure they don't just look alike.

I just don't know who to trust any more in this topsy turvy world....
I like dropping some Caribbean Red Habaneros in with the habaneros when I swing by the store. Maybe Fatalii's this year :evil:
I see this with Arbol chiles being labeled as Piquin all the time. I use it to my advantage though, Its nice to walk out with a bag of Fresnos at a Jalapeno price. :dance:
Consider that chiles are constantly renamed on this forum by posters..........stores have the same problem.

Chile taxonomy sucks and gets worse as chiles become more popular.

I know there's a forum specifically for this, but since the topic's open...

Any idea what's what in the above photo?

The only ones labelled were serrano and jalapenos, though they were all mixed together and I'm not sure how to tell them apart. I assume size isn't the only way, or are large jalapenos indistinguishable from serranos?

I dunno what the round ones were and they were unlabeled. Probably slightly hotter than a jalapeno. I guess the larger ones are anaheim peppers, though they're darker than others I've seen and were also unlabeled. The small thin ones I would guess are called "Thai greens", from a label that was nearby but not definite.

I guess the bottom left ones are jalapenos? How do you tell them apart from serranos if there's no large size difference?
being someone who knows his peppers, i welcome mislabeling of peppers. specifically for you wulf, the Canadian Super Store(a national canadian grocer) is terrible for mislabeling product(do to their hiring practices of offshore immigrants), like the time i picked up halibut labeled as fish "heads and tails", or the time i picked up goose labeled as duck, the girl at the counter said, "that seems like a large duck"... must be from china i said. bought 3 of them(goose is stupidly priced here, $60 a bird, i paid $10 a bird that day). i have even gone out of my way to point out, fresh sardines labeled as atlantic salmon but the clerks don't speak english and just don't understand, so i have given up trying to save the world. except the guy that drop $5 out of pants in walmart the other day, he was thankful i pointed out the mishap.... then i told my girls to go and hang around the guy as he was oozing money, he just girls are really adorable.
the Canadian Super Store(a national canadian grocer) is terrible for mislabeling product

Exactly where these were purchased. I've actually gone to a few of their stores and was surprised to learn that the others just don't carry peppers at all. I guess having mislabeled peppers is better than no peppers.

Definitely have issues with the chain but it's at least 20% cheaper than anywhere else nearby, and they don't annoy you with club card crap. And don't get me started on Safeway insisting on calling you by your last name.... I give you cash, you give me my condoms, vaseline, and cucumbers, and that's it, end of transaction, don't pretend to be my friend.

Get fewer smirks. Grow your own cucumbers. Even easier than the peppers after you train them up a trellis.
The thin ones are serranos then? Yay for knowledge =]

Thanks for the ID willard. I should know these basic peppers but I'm new to this whole "stuff that isn't meat" category of food and have some learning ahead of me.