shopping Grow tents


Talk to me about grow tents.
I have no idea what I'm looking for and what other equipment I shall need.
Bear in mind I don't have a lot of space so something about 60 x 60 x 140 cms (2 ft x 3 ft for those metrically challenged) :lol:

Do I need one? - not sure
Do I want one? - hell yes
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If you want to grow in a room where light "pollution" could be a problem then a tent is a good solution. I own this 32 x 32 x 60 inches Vivosun tent and I likie it a lot; well made with sturdy zippers. You only need a fan to ensure proper air circulation. I mainly use it for my seedlings and for growing a few small plants during winter.
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I bought the fancier tent because it was going to be out in the room and I didn't care to see the green trim on the Vivosun tent. And man, is it out in the room - it's 120 x 60 x 180 (4 x 2 x 6 for us peck and bushel folk) and I feel like I'm going to spontaneously evolve.

The tents are all very similar in quality and construction IME. I agree with @Bou, all you'd need is an inline fan and a light on a timer.
I have this tent for starting seedlings. There is no need for a higher height for seedlings, and the surface is enough for 72 netpots of 50 mm.
When the plants grow, I start moving them into the big tent in which I built two levels. On each level, a tray with 20 pots of 1.5 l.
Also in the small tent exchange with a tray also of 20 pots.
In total, I can have 60 very well developed seedlings.
We had the "where do you think you're going to put it?" conversation last night :lol:
Yes, OK we're pushed for space in the living room while Mr Tink finishes off the re-wiring he started last year.
So I've compromised with a grow light for the time being - that may be all I need.

Thank you everyone for your input, the posts were not wasted.
I've used DP60 from Secret Jardin with success. It's very small and easy to place in a corner but the build quality is excellent.
Now that energy prices have skyrocketed and my growing addiction is smaller (LOL), i start my seeds directly outdoor (plastic greenhouse + heat mat).


Another grow tent question
Is ambient temperature important with peppers in a grow tent?
I have no room in the house but I do have room in the barn, there is no heating in the barn - would the peppers be OK?
I have a tent in a garage with no isolation whatsoever. For me, a simple heat mat helps with getting the temperature up. Ground temperature is easier to get up (works very well for germination), towards the top of the tent it does get colder. Still warm enough for the seedlings and little plants that I've moved up towards the growlight. They need less heat in that stage anyway.


I think my shabby chic setup is hopeless if it gets really cold outside, like below -8 C? Or hopeless, it would slow the growth, and I think I can deal with that for short periods of time.

I have isolated the bottom of the tent with styrofoam, not sure if that does anything. Looking at isolation, I think a proper grow tent is better suited compared to my plastic tunnel.

And then there's my collection of unheated propagators for other seeds. They do pretty good in the cold garage as well with just the plastic top to up the temperature with a few degrees.