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contest Growdown Throwdown 2022

Growdown Throwdown 2022

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Okay, so I am good to germinate as soon as I get my seeds and use any method. Cool. Thanks.
Any method you want. Grow as many as you want to cull from, but ONLY ONE single plant that you chose upon your first harvest, is the plant you’re stuck with the rest of the season. This is the only plant you can pull your weight from. Choose wisely.
Rule #1 You must soak seeds in gasoline

You’re still doing that? I’ve switched over to diesel and cal mag blend.
Also said to have a berry sweetness, imagine that pepper sun dried like an ancho.

Not voting, just campaigning. 😅
It’s awesome. They would dry perfectly on the plant if allowed to. Once inside they do even better in low humidity conditions. Can be rehydrated after being fully dried. Great for storage.
And why don't you join the comp this time Boss??
Y’all really gonna make me do this to the forum’s creator?! Y’all ain’t right.
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Happy New Year everyone! Looks like we are growing the first C pubescens in the history of this contest! That’s pretty cool!

I’m creating a group chat to all the members who voted (16 members) and send the address for the SASE/SASBE

(edit: had to send two separate DM's because I can only send to 10 members at a time)
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