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Growing Datil Peppers with Supplemental Light

Hi there,
I foolishly bought 3 datil pepper plants yesterday as I was leaving St. Augustine (I lived there and loved datil pepper jelly and other datil pepper products). I knew this was a bad idea even as I did it, because my home is not conducive to growing anything that needs light. I am shaded in by several trees. I can find a few sunny patches, but I estimate about 3 hrs of full sun at most. I once had a sunnier spot, still not 6 hrs, that managed to produce about 8 cherry tomatoes. My thought was to put the plants in containers and move them back and forth between the sunny spots and a grow light set up. With my old sunny spot gone, I think maybe I should just give up and go with grow lights out on my porch (which gets a little filtered light).

The more I research lighting, the more confused I get. There's a lot of conflicting advice, and most of what I read seems geared for sprouting seedlings before transplanting outside rather than trying to grow and maintain container plants.

I've considered getting 1 or 2 75W bulbs with a PAR of 20 umol/s, or another 19W LED fixture with a PAR of 25. I've heard that PAR is the most important thing to know for plant growing, but can't find a single thing that indicates what the PAR should be per square foot of canopy, or anything else that would guide me with PAR. I also found some T5 bulbs that are 2', 24W, 2000 lumens, 6400K, and I'm not sure if this would be adequate (advice from some sources would indicate yes, others no). So . . . what do I do to keep these plants decently cared for and get some harvest from them?

2 feet long 2000 lumens at 6400k should be good for growing 1-2 plants for the first few months, however as they get taller then you will also need light on the sides.
PAR is relative to your goals. If you want to grow a smallish plant that will maybe produce 5 pods then you can probably get by with 20 umol/s. If you want to grow a plant with 100 pods then you need to be looking at something like 400-500 umol/s.
Go to google images and search "grow lights par" and you will find some nice comparisons such as this one: