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growing outdoors first grow(muncie,indiana)

May 15th is the last frost.I never grown peppers before.Any pointers?What brand of soil should I look for?I might get foxfarm ocean forest if I can get ahold of any.I used it before on other plants.It was great.Here is what I plan to grow this year.These seeds are all store bought gutted peppers.

hungarian peppers-The longer sweet ones.
Poblano-some mild regular size & got some from large ones.I know poblanos are large,but these are twice the size of regular ones.They are not as mild as the other ones I had though.

anaheim peppers-They looked and tasted very good.
Jalapenos-They were the deep green harvest.I want to harvest when they turn red.
Serranos-These are my fav so far.These are eatin daily.
Habanero-These are from freshking(FL)

Might grow some bell type peppers also.I am wondering what size pots would be good?I onley have 2 3gal pots the are a ft or so tall.I know I need more of course lol.But I know from my location im not going to get a relly good harvest.Probly average or less idk.
Should I stick with pots smaller then 3 gal?How many seeds should I place per pot?I have over 100 of each.
I would grow indoors.But I don't have the extra cash for a grow tent,1000w HPS/MH system,170cm fan/carbon filter,advanced nutrients full nute system,and electricity bill that carries.I know I would get beter harvest,but im not going to do indoor this year.
Hey :welcome: from Central California, you came to the right place.

First thing is getting the seeds germinated, and your pushing the enevlope for starting seeds this late. You can get an inexpensive Jiffy kit with seed trays and comes with Jiffy seed starting mix.

I built a cheap grow station with lights that I have started my plants in, check it out at.

5 gal. pots are best from what I've learned and you can pick them up used, cheap, from a lot of nurserys, that's where I got mine


check out the thread from LGHT on mixes for planting, lots of good info there


I'm just a second year grower and there are folks who have been very helpful to me here at THP.

And the bottom line is read read read, there is a gold mine of information here
Full route- germination chamber / cups / 1 to 5 gallon containers / raised beds and gardens. I shortcut and go from germination chamber to 1 gallon container then to raised gardens ( some of the dwarf types never leaving the 1 gallon containers ). Bigger types require more ground or container than smaller types.
Im starting so late cause of frost.And I don't want to grow indoors.As soon as they get their first set of leafs,I want them outside.Indoors is not relly an option for me.

Thats a nice setup though.Beter then spending 100s on a grow tent.Thanks for the link on soil.Might add a couple things to the organic foxfarm soil.
Is it ok to put 5-6 seeds per pot?Since these are pulled from store bought peppers idk how good the germ rate is going to be on them.
Will they likely breed?Im going to have 5+ different peppers.Could a jalapeno & habanero cross?I was thinking of possibly taking pollen from one & doing it myself.But idk if it would be epic fail and kill them since they aren't the same kinds.

Thanks for the reply logcheif & robbyjoe01 +rep :onfire:
Crosses are rare but if thats what you are after seperate the two to cross use a brush or feather and act like a honey bee. It's like a box of chocolates ya never know what your gonna get. :) Early Jalapeno is one choice for a late start.
Using a grow tray with individual cells is best, so you don't have to go through the process of trying to seperate seedlings to pot up to larger containers.
I might as well jump the Muncie, IN Bandwagon. I graduated from Ball State '09. It was a great place and a great time. The best jalapenos I ever grew, I bought as seedlings at the Minnetrista Farmer's Market and The Heorot is still my favorite bar on the planet.
FFOF is great. If you want to go commercial, Miracle Gro Expanding potting soil in the black bag (coco based) is excellent as well.

You must be loving the 90 degree temps every day, fellow Hoosier. My bhuts are exploding!