growing peppers for the flavors

Hello, I'm dinkydau. I'm trying to grow peppers because I want to know what the flavors are. I would prefer to just buy them but that's impossible.

There are very interesting flavors. Many years ago I started using madame jeanette peppers. Those seem to be not well know among English speaking people. In the Netherlands (where I live) you can find them in many stores. They have a nice sweet citrus flavor.

A few years ago I was looking for madame jeanette flakes on the internet to save money and found westlandpeppers, a company that sells fresh peppers in the Netherlands. Through them I discovered the chocolate trinidad scorpion which is now my favorite. I really like the way it burns and the flavor is very strong. It's smoke-like, a little floral and there's a very strong tropical flavor that is hard to describe but I like it a lot. The burn is delayed at first. Then it's very evenly spread throughout time and space: everywhere in the mouth it feels the same, all the time. It's the exact opposite of, for example, the adjuma which stings. I don't like that.
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