Hahaha!!....You guys HAVE to see this!

I don't think it's 1.5 mil, but I'm sure it's hot. 
She looks like she'd be a lot of fun, drool & all. lol 

Jesus that's a lot of drool - I've never seen someone that uncontrollably drool before. It's a little off-putting. lol 

what the hell is she wearing on her head? 

Ice tea is a bad idea - milk would be much better. 

Oh - lactose intolerant -  yikes. Now she's gonna be drooling out the other end too. :rofl: 

I'm strangely aroused.  :silenced:
that was grossing me out! lol. What's that crap on your head, girl? And what's with the crap in your face???? Lose the hardware in the lips!
Brutaldiver said:
Awesome. I loving recognizing that "oh shit what have i done" look on people's faces when the realization actually sets in...
It is priceless isn't it.
Last weekend I was at a family event and I brought some smoked powder blend from Brains, scorps and morugas. I gave it to my wife's uncle (who loves hot peppers ) with a warning about how hot it was. He used it not quite sparsely enough and was hurting for a bit, but he took it well...but my brother-in-law grabs the bag and pours some on his sandwich like it was salt. He quickly gave the whole table that 'oh shit' look. We laughed all night at his expense.