vendor Hangjiao #2 Meteor

Does anyone know any source for these seeds? I have sourced all other 9 and this one eludes me. I'm trying to grow all 10 this season.

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Did a quick search and found this post, pv him to see if he still have some in stock :


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smallergrowing said:
Yeah I saw that, it's pretty old now, I thought it was a bad idea to PM people seed begging as a newbie?
Personally I would not see it as "begging"; your're looking after a specific variety that seems to be quite rare on the interweb at the moment and you clearly state in your post that you wish to grow all the space chilis. 
If anyone still has some of these I'd be happy to pay or trade for some and would very much appreciate as have been looking for a while saw your grow log, sorry to see the plants didn't make it, thought it was better to ask gere than PM directly. Thanks.