capsaicin Has anyone ever heard of someone who died from ODing on Capsaicin?

Serious question since I just learned that apparently enough capsaicin could theoretically kill you(So can water though and probably everything else). Do we have any idea approximately how much would be required? 
I know they did a study on mice but \_(' - ')_/ /shrug.
Not worried or anything since I eat a lot of superhots every day(Too tasty) and the worst that ever happens is the once in a blue moon bout of capsaicin cramps.
This would be an interesting way to go for a pepper head lol.
Bear in mind also that any scaled up LD50 value will not take into account the fact that most people are a lot more used to processing the stuff than the average rodent.

Oh and most of those media reported heart attacks or respiratory failures are from when pepper spray is used as crowd control, where the state of the individuals is unknown. It is theorised that most of the dead have either existing medical conditions or way too may drugs in their system but I cannot say how valid those claims may be.
Yes, depending on how one looks at it.  I knew this little 20ish woman who used to go to protest everything in the world.  She made jokes about pepper spray and collected rubber bullets n the left overs from flash bangs.  She died in an ambulance leaving a foot ball game where she had been pepper sprayed.  The newspaper said it was from an allergic reaction to the stuff.  Evidently, before the ambulance got to her she had already lost too much O2 to the brain.  I thought the story was bunk until I met my wife.

First my wife told me the story of her father who loved shell fish.  Out of the blue he became allergic and nearly died while eating out.  Then my wife suddenly became allergic to certain super hots.  I can no longer cook with them while she is here because she will puff up and have trouble breathing.  I know it is an allergy because benadryl helps a great deal.

The moral of this story: It seems to me that if you are exposed to something often you can develop an allergy to it.  So ye, I can see a super hot killing one of us.  But would we say it was the pepper or the allergy?