campaign Have I earned your vote yet?

I've been making sauces professionally for over 20 years. We've been at the Fiery Foods Show for 18 of those years. We've sent pallets of sauce all over the globe including Antarctica, Jakarta, Hong Kong, and Azerbaijan. We make 50+ products, and have won over 200 awards based on flavor alone. We've never won BEST OF DENVER in a local magazine before, because they've never had a hot sauce category. Would you mind clicking on the link and voting for us? You'd have to put HOT SAUCE as the category, and DANNY CASH as the business. It asks for your email address, but doesn't spam you.

It's a Denver-area only thing. If you had our sauces before, please vote for us. It could send twice as many people to our store locally if we win.

I've tasted your stuff (sent to me from folks across the country) you got my vote proudly! :cheers: Had a similar experience here in Charleston, lost out to a "biscuit" company a few years ago (damned good biscuits) "but".... you know the deal. Good luck sir. I tip my hat. - Reggie