event heart warming true story

this is gonna be long so bear with me its a true story but heart warming. this weekend was a huge huge cook off in clemons north carolina its at tanglewood park..big big event..probably 200 plus cooks. anyway a frind of mine joel him and his wife jessica have a son that has sever epilepsy poor little guy is in a wheel chair and dosent even know he is in the world...cpl weeks ago they go to a cook off at the coast and there son develops pnemonia and they have to cut there trip short...on top of that his car breaks down and long story short last cpl of weeks has been realy tough on the guy and his wife and family. ok they anounce all the showmanship winners and the freestyle winners and they anounce our division texas style...i get 7th and some other members of our pod get like 6th and so on well he is down to his last number and it is for first place...now the guy that won this event 2 times in a row his number was not called so hes sitting there like...oh crap this guy has won it again and im going out of this place empty handed. ok break from tanglewood...several weeks ago at the bull city challenge joel wins first place and just out of excitement he jumps into my arms and dose kinda a leap of joy in my arms and i catch im and were celebrating his victory...so its down to the last number and i look at him and i stand up and i say joel i know you won this so im out of my chair redy for you to jump into my arm again in victory celebration..im redy the whole time im saying that he is shaking his head no way no way the guy that won it the last 2 years in a row won it no way no way..........you guessed it they called his number and into my arms he jumps.....man i was o happy for him...knowing all the crap he has been thru the last cpl of months and especialy knowing what he gose thru with a sick child. right before they call the numbers im joking with him that if i win it im gonna jump into his arms (hes about 99 pounds soaking wet and im like 400)

An awesome story!

It's great people like yourself are involved in these cookoffs & can feel good for your fellow competiters.
Sounds as if you all have alot of fun

I really want to attend one of these cookoffs one day.

Bubba, the most heartwarming part of that story for me is the fact that this family, although living with a severely disabled child continue to live their lives to the fullest.

That's so cool.

and HEY! 7th out of a couple of hundred? That's very cool too.

well tina the grand dady of them all is comming up in november the national championship in texas...ill meet ya there...lol