greenhouse Heat source for small greenhouse

Sizzle Lips said:
Hey all great you guys think something like this would work. to keep them warm on cool nights......
150 watt heat.JPG
light hood.JPG
Or maybe even go with a 250 watt infrared bulb........I really dont know how much heat these black ceramic emitters throw....but it is a small area to heat
Dont use infrared, a majority of the heat lamps emit wavelengths that will damage your plants.
shooter said:
Er in the uk we call that type of greenhouse a blow away stake it down well then you can think about heating it
It is well secured and is only used for three weeks for my hardening off process......It is then taken down and stored till next year......For heat I bought a 250 watt ceramic heat emitter and and a 10 inch brooder dome....just to keep things from freezing........250 watts will keep the chill of those plants just nicely.