flavor heat / taste profiles and changes in them

I use peppers to reduce pain from neuropathy. I found, initially, that a single habanero was plenty, but after a couple of years, i now need stronger stuff to accomplish the same amount of pain relief.
That's not to say it functions like opiates or opioids, however. The rate of tolerance increase has levelled off -- and a damned good thing it has... Visions of me desperately scarfing bushels of reapers just to get the same "fix" is a weird and scary picture !! ("mikeg: Portrait of a pepperholic" just isn't a fate i want to contemplate...).
Well, my statements earlier about the pods maybe being diminished in potency because of the indoor lighting is up for refute. They definitely are not diminished in any way upon exit. WHOOOA
t0mato said:
At least then all I would have to do is shower afterwards. :woohoo:
Nooo. You dont shower. The residual effect is it keeps all the potential rapists away.
Believe it or not, capsaicin has many many uses.
As well as reuses.

Still HOT on the return trip or as some stress, the wasted reaquaintence.