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Hellfire Farm 2023


Starting time again, a bit late this year unfortunately! But finally getting going.

This year I'm increasing the variety but decreasing the quantities - had to throw out too many last year because I couldn't process everything quickly enough. On the other hand, I have a much better drying setup this year so hopefully that will help.

This year's plan:
  • Dragon's Breath (100)
  • Carolina Reaper (200)
  • Yellow Reaper (100)
  • Trinidad Moruga Scorpion (60)
  • Bhut Jolokia (200)
  • Habanero (200)
  • Habanada (150)
  • Bhutia Bubblegum Chocolate (10)
  • White Ghost (10)
  • Bonuga Moruga Scorpion (10)
  • Papa Dreadie Scotch Bonnet (30)
  • Fiesta (Rainbow) blend Cayenne (100)
  • Fooled You Jalapeno (12)
  • Grande Jalapeno (30)
  • Anaheim Sahuaro (100)
  • Big Jim (50)
  • Poblano Trident (30)
  • Ancho Gigante (30)
  • Serrano Tampiqueno (20)
  • Devil Serrano (20)
  • Serrano (plain ol') (100)
  • Chiltepin (30)
  • Tepin x Lemon Drop (15)
  • Sugar Rush Stripey (10)
  • Sugar Rush Cream (10)
And a couple varieties of Bell Pepper.

That's a bit over 1600 total...


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Totally forgot to post the update of the Annuum plantings!

2/14 I planted
  • Cayenne Fiesta blend
  • Fooled You Jalapeno
  • Grande Jalapeno
  • Anaheim Sahauro
  • Big Jim
  • Poblano Trident
  • Ancho Gigante
  • Serrano
  • Serrano Tampiqueno
  • Serrano Devil
  • Tepon
  • Sugar Rush Stripey
  • Pockmark Peach
  • Sugar Rush Cream
  • Tepin x Lemon Drop
First sprouts coming up now! Serranos and Sahauros.
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More sprouts from the annuums:

* Cayenne fiesta
* Fooled You
* Grande Jalapeno
* Big Jim
* Poblano Trident
* Ancho Gigante
* Serrano Devil
* Tepin
* Pockmark Peach
* Sugar Rush Cream

So only waiting for Stipey, Tampiqueno, and Tepin x Lemon Drop

Will try to get pics this weekend.


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Wow, almost a month! The kitchen project has been eating up a lot of my time, but still keeping the seedlings going!

The Tepin X Lemon drop all failed. Bad luck with the Stripeys too. Creams were better but not great, about 60%.

The biggest surprise is a complete failure with Serrano Tampiqueno - that's been a standby for me for years and I've never had a problem so I'm not sure what happened there.

Having problems with some of the chinenses: they're drooping and dying. They look underwatered, but more water doesn't seem to help. Less water doesn't help. The frustrating part is these are in 72-cell trays and the ones right next to the dying ones are perfectly fine, so there's clearly something I'm missing. Worst hit are habanadas, habaneros, and ghosts.

I'll still have enough for the season but I'm a bit disappointed in how poorly they're performing this year. Something is obviously different from last year.

On a brighter note, market opens this weekend! Looking forward to reconnecting with the regulars we established last season, and it looks like it's going to be even bigger this year! Been spending a lot of time this week getting ready for that.


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So the snag is being resolved, although not quite there yet. Lots of ups & downs unrelated too - MIL in hospice care so that's been rough for everyone. Farm care has been slipping, but we're back to it as of this weekend. Got a lot of weeding to do!

Updates and pics to follow.


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Been a while since the last update, lots of stuff going on around here!

Not doing well, I'm afraid. The annuums in particular are dying off. They look like they're drying out, but I'm pretty sure they're getting plenty of water. (and not too much!) The chinenses seem to be doing fine. It's been kinda warm but not getting over mid-90's, certainly I've done better in hotter weather.

Watering is a couple times a week, drip irrigation, 3-4 hours.