Hello all!

You can refer to me as Kairos. I've been eating hot sauce and spicy foods since before I could talk. I don't grow chili's or make my own sauce, yet, but I'm always trying new stuff to see if I can make my mouth numb. While I'm posting this, does anyone know of a brand that has three "D"'s in its logo and a sauce called "Bees"? Someone gave me a sample and I can't find a bottle anywhere! Thanks. Looking forward to learning a but about growing peppers.
laynlow said:
welcome from NC
Maybe it was "P's" in the logo for Pex Peppers?   He has a few bee themed hotsauces:
Killer swarm was another that I don't see on his site and maybe he's out of it was a limited edition.
Hey thanks for the suggestion. I know it involved D's, being 3D or DDD or something. One sauce was "Bees" and the other I can't spell. All I know is that this stuff is insanely hot! Hottest I've ever has by a good measure!