Hello all

Hello all. I'm from NE Ohio. I love all things spicy, but just started getting more hardcore into peppers. I have a YouTube channel I'm just starting called "Whew That's Hot!" and would love to spread the word with as many Chile heads as possible and get feedback and just learn more from/with the community.

The channel for now is just mainly pepper review. Uploads every Sunday. But I will also do other reviews. Hot sauces and such. I actually just had someone send me some honey they made.so I'd eventually like to do a segment called "eat my heat" where people can send in samples of things for me to try and review on the channel.

I have a guest for each episode and I'm trying my best to make it fun and also informative.

I'm gonna post a link to the channel in this introduction. If the mods don't like it, I understand and I'll delete.

Thanks all

Oh and also if I hit 100 subscribers (currently right around 60) I'll do a crazy heat challenge.so subscribe if you wanna see my mouth hole hurt real bad. Ha ha