Hello from a Canadian Pepperhead

Just an introductory post, located in Southern Ontario, Canada, I have been growing hot peppers for awhile now, and vegetables of all sorts since a young'n under the tutelage of my late grandfather. I have a true love for gardening, and have found my niche of hot pepper growing. I make hot sauces, dried spice rubs, jellies and other good from these lovely capsicums. This looks like a cool community so I thought i'd join on up.
Further to the above, I have the following growing:
Aji Charapita Red
Aji Cito
Aji Colorado Orange
Aji Cristal
Aji Eduardoian Orange
Aji Mango
Bahamian Goat Pepper
Blue Christmas
Brown Bhutlah SLP
Buena Mulata
Cream Fantasy
Ghostly Jalapeno
Giant Queen Purple UFO
Lemon Drop
Peach Ghost Scorpion
Piri Piri
Primo X Butch T
Purple Serrano
Purple UFO
Rocoto Montufar
ROF - Fat Boy
Sugar Rush Long Peach
Trinidad Douglah
Thunder Mountain Longhorn
Numex Big Jim
and probably more that I can't remember!
Hey yabud!  Welcome to the forum.  :-)  That's quite a list of peppers!  I would love to see some pics of your setup.  I am a bit jealous.  haha
I will add some pics soon! I have 2 Veg Trugs (which are awesome by the way) which house 10 plants each, a south facing 30 x 2 wall-side, in-ground garden which has another 14 I think, and a bunch of potted plants. I live in an urban area so not a ton of room, but I make the best use of it I can.


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Welcome!! :fireball:


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:welcome: from the Pacific NorthWest, USA!