Hello from Albuquerque

Hi all, just stumbled on this forum and thought I would join. I have been growing bells/hots/super hots since 2016, 5 of those years in the Pacific Northwest and this year is my first season growing in the American Southwest. This was also my first year starting everything from seeds which presented some growing pains. Right now I am getting ready to cover the super hots with plastic so they will hopefully have time to ripen. While I have been growing them for years, I still have not managed to get a harvest from my reapers, for one reason or another, so this year should be exciting if I can keep them alive. The hardest part this year has been the insane winds into July that stunted everything, and then come along with the monsoon for rest of the season. I have everything in 5 gallon pots but might step up to a raised bed at some point (when I get permission from The Boss).

I generally just dehydrate and powder peppers, but every once in a while make a salsa, hot sauce, quick pickle. I eat fresh ones up to habs but not really hotter than that. I'm here to see what y'all are talking about and doing with your gardens. I might ask for an ID here and there.

Besides peppers I love rockhounding and beer, generally together. Tried to grow my first LEGAL medicine this year and failed.

Attached is my subset that I will be trying to cover and keep alive through October and hopefully a week into Nov.


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