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Hello From an Indoor Pepper Enthusiast

Thanks all :D
The blog is focused on teaching about DIY LED lights and can be found here!
I'm currently gearing up for a kratky or bubble bucket grow (haven't decided yet) with a handful of different peppers:
7 pot bubblegum red, chocolate brainstrain, jalapeno, cow horn sweet, banana pepper, caramel moruga scorpion, and trinidad scorpion.
They are all hanging out in rockwool cubes under a pair of HLG QB96 right now:

They will eventually go into a 4'x8' space under 8x HLG Quantum Boards:

:welcome: From Melbourne, Australia.

Just coming to the end of our summer so planning an indoor tent grow, 31 cents per KwH power prices and space constraints are my main concern.

Q: When dimmed, do LED's retain their colour spectrum? - I'm coming from HPS and thinking of buying a dimmable LED so I can dictate the power consumption depending on my needs; which could be fluid.

Q: As my outdoor plants canopies seem to have a diameter twice that of the pots diameter, should I have an indoor plant pot half the diameter of available per plant grow space?