Hello from Angola 🇦🇴

Recently moved here from Thailand. Grew to love the many types of Thai chilli sauces, dips, and dishes. Super happy to find Angolans love chilli peppers. Found jindungo cahombo in a supermarket and bought some to try later.


No hydroponic materials or nutrients here so in the middle of upcycling to build my own (nurtients source still looking) and grow some prik kee noo with seeds I brought with me.
Thank you all for the welcome, and thank you to member Anders for his post on this site about growing Gindungo Cahombo which led my search here.

Interesting there are different phonetic spellings printed on different supermarket labels. Have seen G and J for first letter here.

So much information on here to help me grow my own Thai seeds. Very much appreciate the sharing you all do.