Hello from Maryland

Been a member since 2013 err, lurking here since 2013. :P  Been away for a while and I guess to keep trash out we need to post to unlock the site. I like it. I am an admin on a truck enthusiasts forum and I'll probably implement this. Great idea. Any hoot, I mainly only dabble with jalapenos and Tabascos (can we say that word? haha). I make a smoked jalapeno relish and of course tons of cowboy candy for friends and family. I do have a jalapeno mash that I fermented and aged. I was horrible. But with lots of age, it is at 3 years and a couple months old, it is gotten a lot better. I'd say pretty dang actually. The other I do is an 1 to 3 year aged fermented red hot sauce that has some garlic, a little red bell pepper, Tabascos, and salt. It is awesome! I of course dabble with that recipe. Right now I have a fermented mash from this year's run of Tabascos that is 40% pineapple, 10% garlic, and 50% Tabasco. It taste pretty good. The other mash that I'll bottle this month is a 1 yr aged fermented Tabasco that has some Jack Daniels added to over the course of the year, a little at a time. I also put charred oak in all of the mashes. I use clear glass jugs to age. I don't use a certified canner but I do use a commercial kitchen to put it all together, store the vinegar mash (2 month sit before straining) and can it. Friend with a large restaurant  :party:
I guess that's about it. Commercial Electrical Contractor Operations Manager during the day and anything else I can get myself into without my wife killing me off the clock.