Hello from Minnesota!

Hello everyone!

My name is Chris and I've been growing hot peppers for probably a decade now. I started making sauce by just blending my peppers with various ingredients and adding vinegar until it was my desired consistency. Usually I get about 10-12 bottles that will last me a few months and then go back to store bought until my next harvest. About a year ago I met a guy who had just started making hot sauce commercially. He used fermented peppers to make his sauce and I thought they were delicious! The only problem was the heat level as he did not want to process superhots in large batches so his hottest sauce was made from habaneros. I decided this year to try fermenting my superhots before making sauce. About 2 weeks ago I spent an hour or 2 on YouTube learning and decided to blend my peppers with garlic, shallots, beets, a couple of organic carrots and a few bell peppers from my garden. I used 3% salt as I had seen them do in the YouTube videos. After 2 weeks of my jars not burping, seeing no bubbles, and having little spots of mold forming on the top (which I immediately scraped off) I decided to look to Google for help. One of the first results of my Google search brought me to a post from this site so here I am!

It looks like a great community to collaborate with and learn from and hopefully I can step up my hot sauce game! I am definately a chili head and love all kinds of hot sauce. I put that sh!t on everything! 🙃

If anyone has any advice on what to do with my ferment I would appreciate it. Right now I have 8 Mason jars on a shelf above my oven. I am using ghost, Trinidad Scorpion and Habanero peppers and have them separated into there own ferments.

:welcome: from the Pacific NorthWest!