Hello from Saskatchewan

I'm fairly new to growing hot peppers, with my first season being only last year.

My main interest is Bhut, Naga, and 7-Pot peppers (especially uncommon varieties), but I also grow Habaneros, Scotch Bonnets, Rocotos, Cayennes, and a few mild peppers. I live in Regina, SK...the 4th sunniest city in Canada. The fairly short growing season here can be a challenge for growing hot peppers (usually frost-free from May 21 to Sept 10).

I am very excited to be a part of this online community!
ColdSmoke said:
Welcome! I've spent some time in your area relieving you of some your goose population.
Oh yeah,  there's no shortage of geese here.  We even have a migratory bird sanctuary in the middle of the city that attracts thousands of geese (during migration).  Luckily, most of them continue on further north to breed..but some stick around here.  They're nice to look at, but they make a real mess in the vicinity of the sanctuary.
Chorizo857_62J said:
Welcome!  You have some tremendous fishing up there, Scout Lake and so on.  Curious how your grow season works.
Again, welcome!
I've never been to Scout Lake.  I'm originally from Prince Albert, SK, which is about 250 miles north of Regina.  It's a small city located along the North Saskatchewan River.  There are thousands of lakes in that area!
Starting hot peppers indoors from seed is a requirement here...usually early Feb to mid March.  How early to start depends on what type of peppers and how good of a set-up that you have to grow them.  I have a 5' x 5' grow tent with LED's for this purpose.  Then you can move the seedlings outside in late May to mid June, again depending on the type of pepper and how warm of a spring that's it been.  First-frost occurs in early-mid Sept, so you have to start harvesting pods in early Sept.
If you've ever watched the '7 Pot Club' videos on youtube (he's located in Minnesota), that is similar growing conditions to what we have, except a few degrees cooler and a season that is probably 1-2 weeks shorter.  
My outdoor growing season this year has been horrible with late frost, several damaging storms with high winds and hail, and a neighbour that decided to spray weeds in their yard when it was windy (i.e. I found out that Chinenses hate 2,4-d).  Luckily I kept 6 superhots in my grow tent over the summer and they're on their way to producing a decent crop.