Hello from Scotland

Hello from Scotland

I'm Stephen an Englishman who's home is Scotland I'm a big fan of authentic curries I love cooking and eating them I spent many years in the middle east as a kid and teenager.

I grow my own onions, garlic and enjoy growing perennial vegetables in my humble little garden year on year I've been experimenting with chillies in my 6'x8' greenhouse. Slowly finding varieties that do well in my own little micro climate currently I've found the Ring of Fire cayenne the earliest and most prolific variety for me last year I experimented with Dorset Naga and Bengle Naga both from seaspring seed

This year I'm experimenting with hot Habanero's, Scotch Bonnet's, and superhot's trying to find my "keeper" variety super hot that do best in my micro climate.


from the Pacific NorthWest, USA!