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Hello from Texas!

Hi there!  My name is Christy and I'm a super hot pepper newbie!  I've lurked around for a while now.  Time to come out into the light!  I've grown the usual serrano, jalapeno, Hungarian wax, etc and I had a couple of chile pequin plants pop up in my yard last year.  I'm moving into the super hots for my husband.  After watching cooking shows featuring Jamaican jerk and the famous scotch bonnet pepper, I started a search for the pepper itself.  Finding fresh SBs is like looking for the Loch Ness Monster.  Lots of people have seen it, but not me!  I picked up a bottle of St. Jamaica Scotch Bonnet pepper sauce at a local Puerto Rican market just so we could see if the bonnet flavor was that different from the habs which are EVERYWHERE.  My husband fell in love at first bite!  He puts that sauce on hot dogs, hamburgers, breakfast tacos, fried eggs and grits, etc.  They were also selling what they claimed to be scotch bonnet peppers and plants.  The peppers ripened to red and looked like balloon peppers to my not so expert eyes.  They looked like little red flying saucers.
I picked up some SB seeds locally (labelled Big Sun SB), bought some seeds online and traded for some others.  This is my grow list for this year:
Thai Hot (Sample Seed Shop)
Jamaican Yellow (Sample Seed Shop)
Chocolate Habanero (Peppers of the World)
Fatalli (Peppers of the World)
Big Sun Scotch Bonnet (Peppers of the World)
Caribbean Red (Burpee)
Shishito (Baker Creek Seeds)
Jimmy Nardello (Baker Creek Seeds)
Balloon Pepper (Sample Seed Shop)
Scotch Bonnet #1 (trade for tomato seeds)
Trinidad Sweet (trade for tomato seeds)
I also have a couple of others started with no signs of life, sadly:
Jamican Hot Chocolate (trade for tomato seeds)
Scotch Bonnet #2 (trade for tomato seeds)
I plan on purchasing a Scotch Bonnet from a local nursery in about 2 weeks when they come in.
I've also started seeds for around 25 varieties of tomatoes in dwarf, cherry, salad and slicer varieties.  Gotta have that fresh salsa!
I'll post pics of the seedlings later since I'm actually a little embarrassed by them right now  :rolleyes: .  Tomatoes I can grow well from seed.  Peppers, not so much, yet.  The seedlings that are into their third and fourth sets of true leaves are very pale yellow with green veins with dark green cotyledons.  The leaves are most pale at the top of the plants.  I'm thinking N, iron, or Mag deficiency.  They are in Jiffy peat pellets right now and have had one super dilute feeding of miracle grow (5 days ago) and one foliar feed of Medina Hasta Grow (yesterday).  I think I also over watered them since the three tomato plants in the same container with the peppers were a little pale as well.  All of my other tomatoes are nice and dark green.
Anyway, I can't wait to learn more about the super hots and pepper care!
:welcome: from your neighbor in Louisiana! You are definitely in the right place…The most rabid Scotch Bonnet fanatics in the world are here on THP... :dance:
You've got a really good grow list there. They should all do very well in Texas. If you would like to try some more Scotch Bonnet varieties, there's still time for this season. Probably the most celebrated of them in this community is the Jamaica Ministry of Agriculture variety, affectionately know on THP as "MOA". I or several other chile heads can hook you up with seeds….