Just joined up. After telling myself Id have a garden when I bought my house, I finally committed this year after buying it 6 years ago and making excuses for never starting one.

I suspect I was subconsciously tired of growing plants considering I bought my house after getting my PhD in a lab that studied legumes. 5 years of nonstop plant growing wears you out and I needed a break from plants for a while.

Have a bunch of various pepper plants going and some tomatoes. Nothing crazy - everything purchased from the big box stores and being grown in 5 gallon paint buckets.

In grad school all our plants were grown in climate controlled grow rooms and in the lab. Zero pests, zero temp fluctuations, perfect soil and nutrients, etc. Growing outside has been enlightening to say the least!!

I have become obsessed with growing some superhots for next year, so signed up here to start learning some more and hope to use this season as good stepping stone.