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Help me identify these please

So I have some plants that I need help identifying, or confirming they are what I bought them as. 
So, from left to right:
1. I have no idea what this is. Friend gave me seeds thinking they were jamaican scotch bonnets. 
2. Yellow Bhut Yolokia. I had this one overwintered from last year.
3. Got seeds for this which should've been Congo Black (chocolate habanero), however I dont think this is the case. It is some sort of habanero however, correct?
4. Seeds for this one were sold as Habanero Orange. This could be it, right?
5. Supposedly seeds for this one were sold as Habanero Red Savina. Could that be it?
6. Carolina Reaper Yellow. Can anyone confirm?
7. Peach Tiger (Cross between Pink Tiger and 7 Pot BBG Mamp)

Your 2 cents would be well appreciated!