Help. Ordered Mad Dog 357 hot sauce, hot enough to make anyone give in?

A friend of mine swears he's mr. tough guy, and the last time we had some pretty long hot peppers he ate them and was talking sh*t on us lol so I wanted to know if a full cap of this sauce is hot enough to make him lose our bet, i told him i'd clean both of his cars inside and out if he didnt tear, gag, or get a drink for 3 minutes.
First off, welcome. Second, it's 357,000 SHU, which is nice and hot...but there are hotter sauces out there...

Depending on his heat tolerance, he may cough, or he may just continue to laught...I would probably continue to laught...but then again I have eaten some hot sh*t before and kept going.
Welcome to THP. Never heard of that sauce.
Blairs Jersey Death should win you the bet (but be careful with this). I also suggest (and I am basing this on instant cough/gag/get a drink of water) Defcon Zero (less than a cap full will work, Defcon is not liable for any damaged caused due to bets or stupid behavior, contact Defcon for more info), and "Xtreme" (by Original Juan) might do the trick.

[Mullet Disclaimer]And I must say, when dealing with hot sauces, always know your heat levels and never pull a prank that will get someone hurt. Most of the hot sauces that I have listed are hot by my standards, and I have HIGH standards. Now admittedly, some have higher standards than me, but that doesn't mean you should throw caution into the wind.[/Mullet Disclaimer]
I'd say Jersey Death should be able to kick the sh*t out of your friend there.(if it doesn't, you might not want to ever get him angry)

And yes, be careful indeed. Heed GuitarGod's warnings.
SouthPhilly said:
What one you guys recommend with better heat but still good taste.

If you want to WIN the bet, then in my opinion you want to intentionally make it taste like crap! If the heat doesn't get him, then the crappy taste will. :lol:
imaguitargod said:
If that's the case, then feed him "Da Bomb".

EDIT: And while he's downing it tell him you pissed in it...:lol:

Not the Ground Zero. It's only 234,000 scovies. Get him Da Bomb Final Answer!:hell: :hell: 1,500,000 scovilles Hot!!!
90% of the population can't even take a 1/4" on a toothpick, that was wiped clean before they tasted it! And it doesn't taste good, but at least it's not metallicy.:hell:

I'm not responsible for your use of this info. Extremely dangerous.
The capful of 357 will be much safer and less likely to get a reaction.
yeah, make sure you know what your friend can handle. my friend claimed he could eat all kind of hot stuff (and he can, but not real hot) and i let him get a nice helping of insanity, and he was in tears. and its not even that hot to me anymore.. but from my understanding the 357 is hotter than insanity, so yeah good luck. i also know that said friend of mine has no lung problems or anything, so i knew he would be fine, eventually. now he wont touch any of my hot sauces, haha