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health Help with growth on underside of Ghost leaves

I'm a first time grower and could use some help. My precious plants are about 8 months old which I've grown from seedlings. They are finally flowering. They live in my window in San Francisco in a south facing window and get lots of sun.

Sadly, one of my ghost pepper plants has been taken over by this growth on the underside of the pepper leaves.

Does anyone know what it is and how to treat it? From google searching is kind of seems like plant edema but the growth is not exactly white.

Thank you!


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Thanks for the quick reply. It's crazy how different the plants have grown - 4 plants, exact same soil, watering, light and one of them reacts like this. Another one had dark streaks on the leaves (which seems to be due to temperature). No different in growing, high variation.

Is there anything to do about edema?
My experience is there's not much you can do inside, but most plants do just fine with it unless it's truly terribly bad. Also, like you, I've had a plant or two with it bad right next to plants with no trace, so your experience with the ghost pepper isn't uncommon.

Mind moisture and humidity levels, keep the roots healthy and don't overwater; those are good things.
That said, I've rarely seen plants improve significantly while they're indoors. It seems to cure itself quickly when the plants go outside, which makes the article's point on ultraviolet-B and intumescences intriguing.

Hope they all do well for you. That's a great looking spot for them next to the sunny window.