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condiment Here's one you'll want to avoid

Buc-ee's Carolina Reaper Salsa.
The first Buc-ee's travel center outside of Texas just opened in our county. 50 pumps and 50,000 square feet of genuine goodness imported from Texas. According to the local news, this is A Big Thing for L.A. My wife stopped in there yesterday to look around and came out of there with a pre-made pulled pork sandwich and a jar of the above mentioned salsa to bring home to me. She's a wonderful and considerate wife with 37 years of experience.
Before opening the salsa, I looked at the ingredient list. Many of the usual suspects beginning with tomato and canned tomato with some jalapeño and habanero and finally ending at the very bottom with some carolina reaper pepper powder. I opened it and took a taste with a spoon. Yeah, you can tell a little bit of reaper powder was brought fairly close to the opened jar before it was sealed. But not much. It tasted pretty foul too. I closed the jar and set it on the counter to revisit later.
Meanwhile, my wife walked through the kitchen and said something smelled like gas. She didn't say if the gas smell may have originated from gasoline (which is out in the cars) or natural gas (which we don't have) or fart gas (which I didn't do). So I opened the jar of Buc-ee's and asked if that was the smell. She said "YESSSS!, that's it. That shit's FOUL".
So, you have been warned. Avoid Buc-ee's Carolina Reaper Salsa with a tiny lil' bit of allegedly genuine Carolina Reaper Pepper Powder.
I give it a 1 for flavor and a 1 for heat. We do use  a 1 through100 scale here for rating hot stuff, right? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
The pulled pork sandwich wasn't too good either. No pickles, no onions and no barbeque sauce.

The Hot Pepper said:
A truck stop for cars, interesting. :)
Here in Taxachusetts we call them Travel Service Plazas and Tourist Information Centers


I've been to travel centers, never seen 150 pumps (as they have in TX ones) and a convenience store as big as Wal-Mart... but you know what they say, everything is bigger...
Usually have like 10 pumps, a Roy Rogers, Sbarro, and a place to buy gum and Snapple lol.