Hi from Germany

Hi folks. New member here, so thanks for having me :hi:.

Stuart Findlay is the name, better known as Fin. I'm Scottish, but have lived in Germany for just over 30 years now. I have always loved chillis but only started planting my own a few weeks ago, so looking forward to learning how to be self sufficient so I don't have to rely on the local garden centre for my fix :dance:.
from the Pacific NorthWest, USA!
Welcome! What kind of pepper did you plant? So exciting!
Now, lemme see. Taeyang, De Cayenne, Sarit Gat, Langlang, Lanterna de Foc, Kusburnu, Gelbes Rüsselchen, Elefant, Ballito, Red Cherry Small, Piccante a Mazetti, Capela Gelb, Poupila, Aurora, Orange Kirschen, Gelbe Kirschen, Jalapeno Ruben, Habanero Golden, Somborckina and Türkischer Gewürzpaprika.
86 from 100 seeds sprouted, but many died over the course of time, no doubt due predominantly to my inexperience. I still have about 30 viable plants which have sprouted their first - or second and third - sets of true leaves. Most are still pretty small though, but time will tell whether they bear fruit or not :hmm:.
Thanks a lot for the welcome, folks - and for the help I have already been given in regards to my OWs. Looking forward to being part of a community of like-minded people. I mean, anybody who is into hot chilies must be slightly unhinged in some fashion - or am I wrong? 😅😇.