Hi from NC!

Anne, I tried an early sprout last fall, and the aphids eventually became merciless in early spring. That said, the plants as leafless wraiths made it to ground and produced a big crop. Peppers are pretty tough.

I've grown a lot of varieties but jalas are stellar pepper, I make chipolte with the bulk of mine and it sees a lot of action in the kitchen all winter. Guac for instance.


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I start my chinense just before New Year. Others I start more like February. Habaneros are my favorite but serrano is the staple. I don't care for the taste of jalapeno, so I just sub serrano any time they would normally be used.

I pickle some, and freeze them for later "fresh" use. Thawed and chopped are almost as good as fresh.

Never tried roasting and canning. Meant to this year but had too much other going on, so that's the plan next year.


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