Hi from Wellington, NZ

Hi - I'm Tony and I'm a long time addict.  Food is basically just a chilli delivery system for me :)
I have done some small-scale growing in the past using both seeds and seedlings but finally have settled down a little bit and have some decent space to really grow a decent crop.  The season here has just ended though so I am really just consolidating down what I could grow this season, buying up the last of what is available at the markets, freezing, and making some sauces.   That is how I found this forum.
I have been fermenting cabbage and cucumbers for 3-4 years now (mostly because my partner is German and she wanted Sauer Kraut) but hadn't had much luck with chilli but wanted to give it another go now that I had better skills and equipment.   Made quite a few nice habaneros and jalapeno sauces so far and am pretty happy with the success.  
I found a decent quantity of yellow fatalii and wanted to try something a bit more experimental.  There are a few good threads in here with recipes for these.  And I thought I would join while I was here.
Going to try the pineapple, ginger, roasted red pepper, fatalii ferment and see how that goes.
One question, I notice on both my chillis (especially green ones) and mashes that as the ferment goes on they acquire a "tinny" or slightly metallic flavour.  Does anybody know what is going on?  It doesn't seem to matter what chilli I use.  I might post that one into a different thread.
Anyway, look forward to geeking out about chillis with everyone.