Hi new guy from Australia looking to start growing nice Peppers

Hey everybody.

Just found this website after the last 6 months of watching Youtube videos, (especially Khang Starr's) to get my grow knowledge started.

I love Chilli Peppers, in sauces i make particularly, and on almost every single food i eat.

I love the heat of the Trinidad Scorpion Sauces i have tried, so looking to grow my own and come up with my own recipes.

I am also just growing whatever i can to see how it turns out and decide if i enjoy that strain or not.

I have enjoyed going through everyones grow logs and am getting quite jealous of peoples harvests and plant sizes.

Its Winter in Australia, but it rarely drops below 18 degrees so most of my plants have slowed down to a crawl, but some are still producing Fruits and Flowers.

I have no idea what the 12+ Plants i have outside are because i lost track of the tags after re-potting a few times. ( Mystery Peppers!)

I have some issues with some of the plants which i will discuss in the appropriate threads and questions about indoor Growing techniques.

Catch yas around.


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:welcome:  Welcome mate, I hope you enjoy your stay.


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