vendor Hi not a new member but unfamiliar with site, asking for help

I wanted to buy some Fatalii Peppers for making hot sauce. I'd like to freeze some for future batches. I will save seeds and grow my own plants next year. I placed a wanted ad for these but I am looking at other ads in the Forum Ads Forum, that is why I am posting this.
  1. Is there some way to know whether people advertising peppers are reliable as to the varieties and actually shipping them? Is there a rating here for sellers?
  2. When is a good time to find Fataliis? Here in CT my harvest has been in very late Aug into Sept. Will these peppers be sold out in the warmer regions of the country by now? My question is it too late to find Fataliis for sale?
  3. I could buy a mixed box of labeled peppers but I prefer to not get into Super Hots. I have had some a few years ago and ate them raw... they were hot! I'm not sure if a sauce from SH peppers would be too hot for me and friends plus I have had good luck growing Fataliis where as this year Orange Rocoto has produced just flowers very late (way toooo hot all season) and the Trinidad Congo plant is small with dark green peppers (still immature and running out of growing season) some bug eaten so I prefer to grow a variety I am familiar with (Fatalii I had great success). 
  4. Is it possible to buy just Fatalii Peppers (found some spreadsheets with them) and get a pound with just a few Super Hots vs a box of mixed Super Hots?
Thanks for any help you can provide.
I didn't grow any fatalii this year. What I can say is that I use super hots in all of my sauces, usually just a mix of whatever peppers I have on hand. I usually just save peppers by color, and use whatever color I think will be best in the sauce, although that is somewhat frowned upon by people who want to highlight a certain pepper in a sauce.

For the most part, if a member here is posting pods for sale, and they have a high post count you should be good. If you get ripped off post about it though for sure lol. Bhuter is super reliable, Idk if he has fatalii though. You might check with member TrentL too. I havent checked his glog in a while, bit he has a commercial operation.
Thanks for the reply.
Just what is a glog? :P  I looked at all the forum names, drop down menus and did a search, I assume it is a blog. I went to bhuter's page and did not see a link to a glog. Where do I find members' glogs?
I suppose making a hot sauce with different peppers still makes a hot sauce but when I like a hot sauce I want to reproduce it and if I do that with peppers where I have just a few of various kinds that won't be possible. The thing is I have bought many sauces in grocery stores and never foiund anything I really liked except for Peri Peri and I have a recipe off the net to make it. I had a Fatalii sauce that had great flavor and was pretty hot from a member at another forum I'm on so I was leaning to make that especially since Fataliis grew well here the 2 seasons I grew them.