:welcome:from the Pacific NorthWest, USA!
Supp guys, thank you for the welcome messages,

Awe Jimmy, howzit my china?

@Ratatoulli, actually I didn't buy my hottest seeds - I joined a facebook group last year sometime and bought a very nice hot sauce from a guy on there, he was kind enough to share 5 carolina reaper seeds with me. But admittedly I am more a lurker on facebook than a participant mostly....

I would like to pay it forward sometime though....

For now there's plenty of lurking to do on here as well... Just decided to look for a chilli forum this morning and discovered this right away.

I have much to learn, but I really do love chillis the moreI try them.

I tried a small piece of the reaper to compare it to some of the habaneros and other chillis I have, I knew it would be hot, but was pleasantly surprised by the taste. Definitely lekker and definitely more tasty than the habenero