I'm not sure this is the place for me, tbh.

I can't tolerate a lot of heat, but I am interested in growing some of the more 'mainstream' peppers to grind up my own spices and give them to friends.

We're serious paprika lovers in my house, it goes into a lot of our cooking.

So I grew some last summer, dried them out, smoked 1/2 of them, ground them up, kept 1/2, and gave the rest away.

*chef's kiss*

I also grew Cayenne, Poblanos and Anchoos.

My backyard seems ideally suited for peppers.

Just like I never knew there were hundreds, if not thousands of tomato varieties out there, I've fallen down a pepper hole, so here I am.

Welcome. The world of Meidum hot & sweet peppers awaits you on your journey.