chinense History of the 7 Pot Barrackpore......?

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I've seen it said a few times in a few places the Barrackpore is possible the ancestor of the Bhut jolokia....... 🤔

Google "A pepper named Barrackpore paperclip"

Very interesting..........

@Englander many years ago (close to 20), right when the superhots were just gaining traction, I posted a very long thread on GardenWeb about the Bhut Jolokia, Ghost, Trinidad 7-pot, Trinidad Scorpion, etc. all having a lineage that traces from Trinidad back to a single type of pepper in India, with the only real changes being slight epigenetic (mostly morphological) changes as a response to a change in the growing environment. I wish I could access that old post because it might be of interest to you. I'll check out the article.

Edited to add: I checked out the article-very interesting! Thank you for sharing.
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