Hola from Piedras Negras Mexico

My 1st post on this great forum I recently discovered. I reside in Piedras and San Antonio, go back and forth. I am growing super hot varieties for the 1st time and I think I have come to the right place to learn from the pros. SALUDOS!
from California

Sizzle Lips

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Welcome to THP from Ontario,Canada.
Thank you from the warm welcome. Here are some scorpion moruga plants I currently have going. The older one I germinated in October indoors under fluorescent, but it stopped growing and lost most of it's leaves. I thought it was a gonner but it kept some tiny growth and I transplanted it last week and put it outside. As you can see, it's making a great comeback. The other 2 are babies from the same seeds that are looking good. The stem on the older plant is pretty thick and woody, I think she will make a good bushy mom. I also have a bunch of seeds germinating that I ordered from Buckeye, april fools special with lots of freebies.