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pests Holes in pepper leaves - Pests?

I was hoping someone could help with this. I recently have begun planting pepper starters in my garden. Some were planted a bit early and were not hardened off properly so they got a bit sunburned. The big problem I am having however is that I am noticing holes in the leaves and what looks like splitting and cracking (see pictures.) At first, I thought it was a product of the sunscald combined with excessive wind we've had in Maryland lately. But now it is apparent that something is getting at the leaves.
I have looked the leaves over for pests and haven't found any cutworms or hornworms. During a midnight visit to the garden, I did notice some little fly-type pests (see picture.) There are birds all over and possibly rabbits getting into the garden as well.
Can anyone provide some advice for what's going on? What should I be looking for? How can I prevent this from continuing?
Marriottsville, MD


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