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pest Holes in Peppers

What's doing this? Not a hot pepper, Giant Marconi. Caterpillars really like this plant's leaves...

i had several peppers with small holes like that last year, and i believe it was EARWIGS that were responsible. i feel like the holes on mine were brown/black around the edge, although maybe that only happened over time and yours are just "fresher".
I looked it up on google and they said it was likely caterpillars, which makes sense, because I've been finding 3 or so caterpillars munching away every morning.
If you keep having trouble with holes in your peppers, it may be worth while to do some Googling on Pepper Weevils.

Especially if the peppers with holes have big dark blotches on the inside of the pepper, and have a funky flavor.
How are the leaves? And do you see anything that looks like black pellets on the ground? I've seen similar damage from hornworms.
Haven't had any hornworms yet this season. I bring the plants in the garage every night, I think that might be helping with them. I looked up pepper weevils, I haven't seen any of them either.
All's I've seen is caterpillars, flea beetles, cucumber beetles and leaf hoppers.
I'm going to start spraying BT on a more regular basis, I think that will help.