heat Hot pepper with short lasting effect

Hello friends,
I have a question:

Is there any hot pepper that has a short lasting effect? (no matter how hot or not it is)
or all the hot peppers spicyness time is direct proportional with the amount of capsaicin.
I was thinking about this and I would suggest paper lantern habanero to you.

When I first ate one, my thoughts were:
Oh! Nice, and a little sweet like a red bell. Oh a little heat there but not overbearing. Oh, it's gone!
Check them out.
I see talk about LemonDrop being Hot and not Sweet, but the one I have is both.. And the burn doesn't last as long as other Baccatum I've had. Paper Lantern is an excellent choice, also my favorite Chinense.
And like Geonerd said, the Annuum v. Glab hit hard, especially in the throat, but the burn doesn't last.