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misc Hot peppers for beginner to grow

Hi. Last year i did my first grow of peppers and got some nice results, dont know what type it was but it looked like anaheim.

For my next grow i would like to try some different kinds, maybe 3-4 types. But i dont know too much about hot peppers and there is so many different.

It would be much appriciated with some pointers :)
3-4 kinds, maybe a little different in taste ranging from 5000sco (jalapeño) to a max of 100 000sco (habanero) is what i look for. I live in Norway, so we have somewhat of a short summer.

I thought maybe jalapeños, serranos, wax peppers and scotch bonnet. But i really dont know.

Hopefull for some suggestions
- nikbag
My cheap $0.02.
Serrano - yes. Double down.
Scotch bonnet - may take a bit too long.
Thai - if you want to use either green or red. With a short season, the green are still useful even it they don't mature to red.
Aji Limo - early and constant producer for me.
When I was a beginner i just started out growing Jalapeno's. They proved to be very easy to grow and I had a really great success rate from the three plants I bought. got more then ample produce off them. These days I grow around 10 or so different varieties per growing season. I kind of started to expand and go a bit nuts with it =P we tend to do that with our growing seasons
black hungarian or jalapeno are both really good producers, easy to grow and don't seem to mind what the weather does, excepting frost and ice
+1 for lemon drops. Great flavor, nice bright citrusy heat and oh my god more than enough pods. They throw so many damn pods you dont know what to do with them.
Although @Nikbag hasn't been around for a while, I think @CaneDog was spot on with "What do you typically like to do with your ripe peppers?". Could help narrow down what might be some good choices.
The general varieties you're suggesting sound like good choices. What do you typically like to do with your ripe peppers? Sauces, salsas, stir fries, poppers, powders, etc.? That might help with recommendations.
This year, we’ve largely frozen the mild peppers and turned the habaneros into sauces of different varieties we’ve found recipes for online. I bought 4 habanero plants in the spring, put two each in two different locations and the suckers produced hundred of all red peppers.
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I think that habaneros are great peppers. Nice creeping burn. Hot enough for chili heads to appreciate but yet also not too too hot for non chili heads if used appropriately.

I'd dehydrate a lot of them and make pure hab powder and other spice blends as well.