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color Hot sauce with dark color

I've made a few batches of hot sauce using mostly red cayenne, red chilli peppers from Publix and even a few red Carolina Reapers. I only ever add garlic, vinegar & some salt and it always comes out orange. When I get home sauce from sooner places such as Zaxby's Insane Sauce, it is dark red almost like the color of paprika or cayenne pepper powder. How do I get my sauce to be that color rather than orange?

The attached image is hot sauce made with all red colored peppers. No orange, yellow or green and it still ends up orange.

Any ideas?



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If you want bright red remove ALL the pith inside including the ribs, seeds. If you want a reddish orange like Frank's remove the placenta but keep the ribs. This will of course lower heat.
You can also try cooking it longer.
Thanks for the reply! I'm not sure if this picture will accurately display the difference, but I'll give it a shot. I'm looking for the dark red color. I'm not sure if your ideal of "bright" red is the same as my idea of "dark" red but this is a picture of Zaxby's Insane Sauce vs my Reaper sauce (made with all bright red peppers - Carolina Reaper, Red Chile and Cayenne.
I'm looking to achieve the color of the one in the ramekin - the darker of the two.
Will doing any of those things you mentioned darken the color like this? Or do you think that maybe they are just also adding some sort of dried pepper powder (such as cayenne powder) to it to give it that color?


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The whites of the pepper will lighten it. Take them out if you want and also cook it longer. Like a tomato sauce. Cooked down = darker red.
Try roasting your peppers over an open flame on your stove top or in the broiler of your oven.  The high heat with caramelize the sugars in the pepper and it will darken.  
Balsamic vinegar will also darken the sauce, but will add a touch of sweetness that may or may not work for the sauce.

Also, some dark dried chilles could help.