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hot-sauce Hottest hot sauce?

FreeportBum said:
I'm out of the loop. What's the hottest sauce I can easily order online that doesn't use extract?  thanks
I know the perfect one. It's one you already know and love. Just get yourself a bottle of your favorite and a bottle of Pure Evil from our salsalady. Add drops of PE to your favorite and make it heart of the sun hot. Easy deal. No extract and no loops or hoops to jump through.
FreeportBum said:
thanks for the suggestions, I will look into these.  I'm not concerned about flavor just looking for crazy hot.
Never thought I'd hear that, ~bum. If that is the case, why not the extract sauces?

Some I can think of off the top of my head (before coffee, that is )
Cajohns Black Mamba
Wildfire Chile Incinerator (Australia, 2oz bottle but seriously hot as shit. I used to make this for Candice, she sold her business. People say this actually has good flavor, no extract.)
Hellfire sauces
Heartbreaking Dawn's has some extrahots
High River Sauces
PexPeppers, HEAT has a couple in stock
Burns & McCoy

HEAT Hot sauce shop has a good selection. Even though some are sold out, it'll give some good ideas for extreme heats and you can check out the descriptions for those that contain extract.

Have fun, and give us some reviews or videos of sampling. We all love watching others suffer. :lol:

Good to see you, Freeportburn... ;)

THP you gotta do something to livin up this place? lol is that a word (livin).  I was gonna expect a lot more in the regards to the hottest to hot sauce.   Bring back grant. and you're gonna bring back a lot of folks that don't post anymore. seriously as someone who love you dude. 101o,tomato,ozzy,booma,grassy,etc. lets make tihs place fun again
Well you did start something by saying you didnt care about flavor. In this new and gentler, all encompassing world we now live in from our basements, we cant flip you too much s#!t for actually saying that.

But if you want, we can channel some of those trolls if it'll make you feel better.

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If it ain't smoked, pitch it in the bin.
Put a frickin habanero in that Dr Pepper.
Bite a penny and chug some Cholula = extract sauces
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Hmmm, that's all I got right out of the box. I'm going back to John Prine. Way better than what's on CNN tonight.
Tropical Pepper Company Scorpion is up there and its cheap. Salty but damn hot.
Hottest ive tried with great flavor was Burns and McCoy Exhorresco made with 7 Pot Primo.
I got a bottle of High River Sauces Rogue in the cart now to try but its probably not nearly as hot. Good price though if you got Prime.
Sounds killer and its only 5 sodium
Your #2 is pretty hot but not extreme imo and #3 is not really hot.
Some of the hottest sauces I've had were Hungarian. There's a bunch of sauce companies there serious about superhots, no extracts, and using like 90% pepper in the sauce. A lot are searing, and taste like mash or puree (full on pepper flavor, limited spice). But I assume he wants more local.