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How about under rated products?

Gorizza said:
Controversial opinion incoming:

Now available in a 7.5oz bottle for around $2 at Walmart!! Well, im not totally sure about Walmart but Schnucks had it for under $2. I covered a homemade beef and bean burrito with it today just because i had a craving for Taco Bell. It satisfied the craving without the "mystery meat".

If you like mild sauces this one is good. One of the few sauces I've bought more than once. A little pricy though
Tobasco chipotle as well but that's not underrated. 

This is one of my favorites, too. A NJ local guy from my hometown started it, super tasty. Super chill guy too. 
Living in a small town of 700 people, there's not many sauce options in the store. I'm rather fond of the elyucateco red more so than the vinegary Louisiana sauces they carry. Otherwise I have to drive 150 miles or make my own. They just recently started carrying huy font products in the store here, so at least I can keep up my sriracha supply til I get some peppers off my plants.

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Today i tried 2 more Marie Sharps
Smokin Marie SE is supposed to be a VERY HOT version of the smoked habanero SE. Well its hotter but i certainly would not call it very hot. I could slurp down a tsp and easily ask for more right away. I would call it VERY salty though at 410mg of sodium in a tsp. Mild enough for me to use as a sauce on something like a pork chop or grilled wings that need salt but if your food is already salted, its a little over the top for me. The milder one i got before is only 105mg of sodium and almost as hot.....the market was out of that one so i tried this one.
Marie Sharps original MILD....Only 45ish mg of sodium.....not sure my brother ran off with it..... Its killer!!!! You know its a hab sauce but it does not slap you in the face with the chinense flavor or aroma. Like all her sauces the ingredient list is pretty straight forward and more or less natural. Beats the hell out not being able to pronounce whats in it.


Fresh carrots, onions, vinegar, select red habanero pepper, lime juice, salt and garlic.
DaQatz said:
This stuff is a great replacement for steak sauce.

Not so great as a general use sauce though.
Their red jalapeno and especially their guajillo sauces are very tasty and very cheap. Very low in heat though. The guajillo version was one that was found to have lead in it. I'm not sure if that was ever rectified. But I've had a good amount of it and my brain works finee#$!sefsf3fasefsef3@