How do topics get marked

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I see some topics marked as "answered".  Is that something anyone can do?  Just moderators?
For example, say I start a topic asking a question and after 10 replies someone answers it.  Can I mark it as "Answered"?
I don't see the option unless I'm missing it.
When you start a new thread and some one replies back, you get an option to mark that reply as the best answer ( Mark As Best Answer).
If you do select a reply as best answer, the thread itself will get marked as 'Answered'
Edmick said:
There will be a tab at the bottom right of the posters comment that reads "mark as best answer". But only if you are the original poster of the topic. You can't mark best answer on someone else's topic.
When Tybo asked this I looked around and didn't see it, but it was right where you said it was, see below.. Thanks Edmick!
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