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How many tomatoes in a 4x8 raised bed ??

I've heard tomatoes like 2-3 square feet, although it will make a difference depending on the depth of your bed. I don't grow many tomatoes, so this is just based on what I've heard.
What's a tittle? Sounds like fun.
I'd say 6. Maybe 8 if they're determinates - but they still may grow into each other late summer.
I used to put 10 in my beds that size. The were the "Big Mama" hybrids. They sure grew into each other and it was big tangled mess, but they sure produce a heck of allot of tomatoes. I had tomato cages around and the plants just grew out the top and then went everywhere.
I have 10 tomato plants in my 8x4x 3 feet deep with 6 strawberry and 1 cucumber plant and garlic all around the perimeter. I will try and post a pic.


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I will have 11 in a 4x10 bed once I plant em out here in the next 4 weeks.  Like this:
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4x8 I'd be comfortable w 8, maybe 9 depending.  Outside plants are maybe 4-6" from the edges of the bed with the middles interspersed as can be fit.  Lay the soaker hoses early, saves a ton of work. ;)
edit:  it does indeed get crowded.  tomatoes are space hoggy.  
Depends on the variety.  Indeterminate cherries will grow to 10-15 ft and can be trained up with support.  Determinate Roma's can hold in a 2x3 space.  It's more about air circulation.  Once it it get's thick in vegetation down below the rest above will suffer later in the year.     
Its my new technique called compact gardening lol :). I blame this on my neighbor who brought me over more tomato and pepper plants than I had planned on this year. I have over 30 tomato and 100 pepper plants when in reality I wanted maybe a dozen tomato at most and 40 - 50 pepper plants.
my neighbor brought me over 70 peppers and 2 dozen tomato plants this year.
I should be able to fit 8-10 ish me thinks, ima be supporing them from above via trellis/twine and clipps and will TRY to keep them tall ..... we'll see how it goes.
If you are able to work on all sides of the bed you've made, I would put 8 indeterminate (tall) tomato plants in there, placing them in 2 rows of 4 with the 8 ft stakes that they'll need pounded in at the edges of the bed and the tomatoes placed right against them inside the bed, if that makes sense.  In other words, say you built this bed to a height of 1 ft with cedar wood, the stakes would go right up against that wooden frame so they're still INSIDE the bed, but just barely.  As the tomatoes grow, they'll produce sucker branches that you can pinch if you need more space or let grow to get more tomatoes.  You'll have a nice pathway in the middle of that bed to make harvesting within the bed much easier.  I would use soaker hoses and cover with about 6" of straw to keep that pathway nice and dry and also prevent water from splashing onto the lower leaves causing disease.  Each week during the growing season, I would tie those tomatoes to their stakes with soft cotton twine.
If you decide on the shorter determinate or dwarf plants, you could put many more plants in there and treat them as you would your pepper plants. Determinates grow to 3-4 ft and Dwarfs are even shorter, 2 ft tops.